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Navin Sharma Griesser AG 30.04.2021 Melden Reklamation gemeldet


On 14th April, I wrote to several companies who repair the rolladen together with griesser. And asked for sending someone who can take a look and provide cost/time estimates. Got no written response from griesser but technician reached my home on 22nd April.

Technician from griesser looked at and started making statements like this is broken that is broken and need to replace several parts of rolladen. Cost estimate will be around 700+ CHF.

Luckily, before griesser - I got technician from Schenker Storen visit and check the issue. And based upon what he told us, I told technician from griesser that only one of the belt is broken - rest all parts are ok.

He then suddenly changed his mind and told me that he can confirm after opening it and taking a closer look. I understand.

I asked him to let me know how much it will cost given that 1 of the belt needs to be replaced. He called his office and asked the costs. After that he confirmed that the bill will be somewhere between 170-175CHF.

Based upon the estimate and fact that repair will be done immediately, I cancelled appointment with Schenker.

And, I gave tech. from griesser a go-ahead. He opened the blind and replaced 3 belts and we were done in circa 20 minutes and technician told me that he will charge for 20 mins only. And again confirmed that the bill won't be more that 175 CHF.

To my surprise, on 27th when I got the invoice via post - it was for 200.75 CHF. I wrote to griesser and asked them to verify and reissue the invoice based upon the discussion with the technician (as I thought maybe there is some confusion or communication gap).

Response I got -> The statement by Mr. D. (Name unter "Vertrauliche Informationen") was not binding, only an estimate of the costs. The work was charged in the direction. We ask you to pay the invoice on time.

How can someone say this when I checked twice with the technician and that technician in front of me called his office to check the invoice amount before telling me. Additionally, there were some cleaning charges charged on me in this invoice whereas I cleaned up everything. IMHO we can't let companies over charge and cheat people like this. Please suggest on how shall I proceed?

Appreciate some response and action.

Thanks, Navin

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Griesser AG 01.05.2021

Dear customer


Thank you for your message. We regret the impression created by your description and would like to apologize for this.

The first repair proposal included a sustainable overall renovation of the roller shutter with a new warranty.

Based on your decision of a selective repair, we have estimated the costs at CHF 170.00 - 175.00. Repairs are always carried out on a time and material basis and the actual costs are within the generally accepted and legitimate tolerance of less than 15%. In the sense of a customer-friendly solution, we will adjust the invoice to CHF 175.00. Thank you for allowing us to continue to count you among our customers.

Best regards

Griesser AG

Customer Care Management

Navin Sharma 04.05.2021

Thanks Griesser customer care team, for the prompt response.

However I would like to mention that it was not selective repair. This was the only required repair for the problem. And we were getting mis-guided. Unless representative from Schenker would not have arrived before Griesser - we might have fallen prey to the proposal made.

Secondly, if I ask your technician specifically (and twice) to get me the exact costs for the required repair. I would expect that the due diligence is applied without leaving any scope of ambiguity and tolerance. In general, I would have agreed to your statement regarding tolerance but here when I asked multiple times before any work is carried out - I have no scope for such tolerance.

To close the matter here, I wait for the revised invoice.